The Dalsland Canal offers a unique level of service. In the heart of the wilderness, where divers call out across the lakes and beavers build at the water’s edge, you’ll find more than 100 campsites at your disposal.

Your hotel room right in the country

Our campsites are carefully picked to blend into the natural surroundings, with buildings designed to meet the needs of nature as well as canoeists’ service requirements. Each campsite is equipped with a timber windbreak with room for around six people, as well as an organic outdoor toilet. Campsites also provide fireplaces and wood, which can be cut according to your needs. During peak season, we cannot guarantee the availability of wood. Sawbucks and buckets should also be on site.

Waste management

Campsites do not provide refuse disposal points or other equipment for leaving or throwing away rubbish. Rubbish is to be taken to one of the waste disposal stations which are specially located throughout the lake system (see the Kanotland canoe map).

Wardens doing active conservation work

Don’t be surprised if you receive a visit from the DANO Crew at your campsite, as they work as guides and service providers.

More information on all our campsites