Canoe rental companies

There are a number of canoe rental companies based throughout the Dalsland Nordmarken lake system. Many of these have extensive experience renting out equipment, and provide canoes and kayaks as well as accessories and camping equipment. Many of them also provide transportation and collection when trips are completed, as well as guides for those who are less experienced or seeking an extra challenge.

There are around 100 campsites in the area providing windbreaks, toilets and wood. These are situated in scenic locations along suitable canoe routes.

DANO Crew wardens are in operation throughout the lake system. Their role is to provide help and information to visitors, e.g., on suitable trips or interesting attractions. They’ll also let you know about restrictions in effect, for example, bird protection zones or fire bans. These wardens are also responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the campsites, and will check that visitors hold a nature conservation card and are entitled to use services. The proceeds from nature conservation cards go towards the expansion of campsites, maintenance, wood, supervision, waste management and compensation to landowners whose land has been utilised for campsites. Nature conversation cards can be purchased online, at a tourist information centre or from your local canoe rental company.

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