Around 50 people work at Dalslands Kanal AB during a business year, although only five are employed all year round.

At each lock station there is a permanently employed lock keeper who works for the three-month period during which the canal is open for public traffic. The lock keeper resides at dedicated lodgings based on site. He/she is supported by a number of lock keepers and assistants. As a rule, these are employed on a seasonal basis. During non-sailing periods (the period from September to May), we employ staff on a seasonal basis in connection with specific renovation work or projects.


The canal office

Benny Ruus, CEO

Anne-Loise Larsson, Head of Administration


The canal office

Lars Widenberg, kanalförman

Rune Öberg, kanalreparatör

Billy Olovsson, kanalreparatör

Joakim Olofsson, säsongsanställd kanalreparatör