Billingsfors lock, Dalsland Canal

After crossing the straight between the Billingsholm cape and the mainland, you will arrive at the lowest single lock in Billingsfors. A short stretch of canal leads to the next single lock.

Football fans probably already know that Malmö FF leads the all-time Allsvenskan  table. And maybe also that Billingsfors IK is at the very bottom. Though when you think about it, for a town with a population of 1100 it’s pretty amazing just to have a team in the highest division. The season was 1946/47 and BIK took three points after three draws. 

You might say that Billingsfors history began in 1738. It was then that Nils Kock was awarded the rights to start an ironworks. He realized that there was an opportunity to harness the water power and that the area was heavily forested. There are historians who claim that Kock used some rather unorthodox methods to acquire these rights, but right or wrong, he did get them. 

The ironworks were located right between two parishes, which meant that devout workers faced a long journey to the nearest church. The ironmaster therefore had a new church built in 1763 adjacent to the works. Up until 1981, it was one of the country’s few private churches. 

The ironworks in Billingsfors was not a profitable business, however, so in 1884, they switched over to mass production. Today, the Billingsfors ironworks is part of the Munksjö group, producing paper for kitchen counter laminates and similar products.

The town has also been the setting for several film shoots, including Slim Susie, Offside and The Wedding Photographer.


The locks in Billingsfors lead from Laxsjön up towards Bengtsforshöljen.

Lock chambers: 2
Elevation: 6,1 m
Duration: 30 minutes


Nils Ericsons väg 1, Upperud
46472, Håverud