Upperud lockstation, Dalsland Canal

In Upperud, you pass through the locks from Lake Spången in to Lake Upperudshöljen.

There are two locks – one lower and one upper. Between the locks is the canal office in the old Manager’s Home. There is a 5,0 m difference in heights between the locks. 

Nearby is the new Upperud 9:9, a hiking centre with luxurious accommodation, a restaurant and a café with fresh, home-baked goods. Also just a ten-minute walk to Dalsland Art Museum where there is another café, Café Bonaparte. 

Some history about Upperud

Dalsland’s first ironworks was established in Upperud back in 1647. A clear legacy from the old industrial era is the ironworks manor house dating back to the 18th century. Blacksmith homes and iron sheds have also been preserved here. 

The manor house was home to a number of distinguished residents, including Arvid Posse and his wife, Princess Christine Egypta Bonaparte – Napoleon’s niece.  

The ironworks grew and by the early 1840s was Dalsland’s largest. But market fluctuations brought bar iron manufacturing to a halt in 1871 and production moved to paper pulp. Parts of the old mill now house the Dalsland Art Museum, which showcases the region’s best art and silversmithing. 

Upperud had centre stage during the planning of Dalsland Canal. A stately building was erected here and used first by Nils Ericson and later by his son Werner as planning headquarters. When the canal was finished, the building became the residence and office of the canal manager. It has been carefully restored and now serves as canal office, keeping Upperud at the heart of the canal.


Lock chambers: 2
Elevation: 5 m


Nils Ericsons väg 1, Upperud
46472, Håverud