Nössemark guest harbor

The guest harbor is 30 km north of Ed, 30 km west of Bengtsfors and 30 km east of Halden in Norway, at Dalsland's canal.

The guest harbor is located at Nössemarks camping in the middle of great Le. The depth of the harbor is 2 meters. Guest venues: 12+ designated.

If you want help with transporting your boat between Nössemark-Halden, Nössemark’s boat transports have been around for 30 years and transported the road between the sea on the west coast and the lake with Dalsland’s canal. Nowadays the boats are run by Norwegian company Magne Gundersen Kran and Transport A / S.


  • fresh water
  • toilet
  • shower
  • laundry room
  • Latrin wash
  • crane
  • trailer ramp
  • 100 m to a shop “Lanthandel” (pharmacy and system agents)
  • Restaurant
  • cottage rental


Nössemarks-Strand 130
668 91, Dals-Ed