Alcatraz, Gustavsfors

Gustavsfors is the resident of Alcatraz, an activity center located on a small island between the lakes Lelång and Västra Silen. Bert Knuivers and his family run a canoe rental, restaurant and hostel. You can furthermore put up tents or stay there with your mobile home.


Hostel with fresh 2, 4 and 6-bed rooms. There is also an apartment for rent. The closeness to the water and the resulting possible activities make your stay enjoyable.


A small but nice campground. Whether you are staying in a tent, caravan or camper you will find a place.


You can rent a canoe, climb, cycle, fish, and hike. Alcatraz offers you activities throughout the year.


The place, known for their homemade pizzas offers other meals as well. You can either eat inside or outside on the terrace. Open during the summertime.

A conference room is available, as well as several play machines like table soccer, air-hockey and pool billiard.


Bruksvägen 10
66693, Gustavsfors