Bowling hall

This is Probably Dalsland's most modern and nicest bowling hall with a nice restaurant. You can play disco bowling and have a nice buffet or you come and eat lunch at the restaurant.

The bowling alley is located at the entrance of Ed. The fresh bowling hall has 8 courses. There are fences that come up automatically if you like to pay with children or inexperienced players. Come to the bowling hall to play disco bowling and to have a good buffet in the restaurant. Company packages etc. can be booked. Disco bowling is a unique experience. Play with your friends and have a drink in the bar. The bowling hall has scoring online!


A place for you to meet, mingle and eat well. The restaurant has all required rights to serve alcoholic beverages.

  • Lunch
  • Bowling menu
  • Outdoor seating 


Jordbrovägen 15
668 32, Dals-Ed