Dalslands Moose Ranch

Seven tame moose welcome you to the Dalslands Moose Ranch - and even pose for photos in the ten-hectare enclosure. Get up close to these majestic animals and you’ll never forget them. You can study the moose closely during your visit and learn a lot about them. There’s a well-stocked moose shop and a café in the log cabin, where you can enjoy coffee and cakes. If you prefer to eat something hot, go to the BBQ building.


Take a souvenir back home with you

In the moose shop at Dalslands Moose Ranch you can buy moose horns that have moulted, reindeer skins and sitting pads. The shop also sells cider, fruit juices, jams and marmalades, meat and sausage from moose and smoked salmon in many different forms. Come on in and have a look!


Södra Moränvägen 68
66831, Ed