Let´s make a fire

One day in the sign of fire with Stubbefolket in Årjäng.

Many historic experts mean that the fire was one of the first "inventions" and that the tameing of thunder strikes drastically changed the conditions for human beings life.
The fire made it possible to inhabit colder places, changed the diet and made it possible to control circadian rythm.

Most people today can light a fire with a little help from fire-lighting fluid, matches etc. Very few manage to light a fire without matches. Very few have knowledge about the right type of wood, other ways of lighting and how to live with fire.

Their purpose is to teach 10 different methods of lightning a fire without matches or lighters, how to control the fire and keep it safe for you and nature.

We meet the responsible instructor at Nordmarkens Kanot Center in Risviken at 10 am. We also make a shorter walk in the forest to find fire material before we go to the beach where the lesson starts.
You will learn how to drill a fire, find and use tinder, use flint and steel, tinder and burning glass, light with a camera, glasses and a torch etc.
This activity is in first hand for children and youngsters but adults are welcome too.
Feel free to bring sausage for grilling and prepare to smell smokey for a few days!


67291, Årjäng