Rent canoes at Töcksfors Camping och Fritid

The lake system in Dalsland Channel gives you many opportunities for canoeing.

Töcksfors Camping och Fritid is situated on the north end of the lake Foxen, which is a part of Dalslands Kanal.
To the north you have the lake Töck, which you can reach via locks.

It is recommended for everyone, but it is particularly suitable for untrained canoeists and for families with children.
For more experienced canoeists and for longer canoe trips we recommend the lake system to the south, Foxen, Stora Lee and Lelång.
There are many camp sites at your disposal.
Our aluminium canoes are of the highest quality (AL 525).

Töcksfors Camping och Fritid has camping ground for caravans and tents, and we also have 9 small cottages and 4 self-catering cottages (40m2) to rent.
At the camping there are also a kiosk, guest harbour and bathing-beach.


67010, Töcksfors