Secondhandstore by RETO

Secondhand store by Reto in Ed in the Carl XII building. Vintage, clothing and antiques in a nice environment. Coffee with sandwiches and pastries.

Secondhand store by RETO

The second-hand store is run by the association Reto and is located in the Carl XII building in Ed. The Reto store is filled with antiques and nostalgia gadgets. Here you will find a lot of nice stuff. Only items, clothes, furniture that people have donated to the association are sold.

Café at RETO

Coffee with sandwiches, lunch and pastries. Café Reto, together with the “Second Hand Store” affair, belongs to the nonprofit Reto För Hopp All proceeds go to work to help addicts to a life of freedom.


Storgatan 41
668 30, Dals-Ed