Vammervikens camping

Small and quiet family campsite located on Lake Västra Silen, which is part of the Dalslands Kanal Lake System. The campground is beautifully situated in nature surrounded by water and forest.

Fine family camping surrounded by water and forest & arable land

  • At the campsite there are 6 cabins with 2-4 beds in addition to 60 campsites (with electricity) for caravans, tents or motorhomes.
  • The service facility has showers, toilets, washing machine, dryer and kitchen.
  • At the community center, where you can hang out, cook or read a good book, the staff always strive to keep the service areas as clean and fresh as possible.
  • Open: May 15 – September 15 – other times as per. agreement.

Find a peace of mind while your on vacation!

The campsite is fantastically located. On warm days you can enjoy the cool, clear water and feel the peace of the bathing area. If you want to go on a hiking tour there is a beautiful hiking trail to Gustafsvors. Here you can strengthen yourself in one of the restaurants on Dalsland canal. You will find good canoe spots and fishing waters as well as plenty of berries and mushrooms.



Vammerviken Sörgården
666 93, Gustavsfors