Vårvik church

Ranked as Sweden's most beautiful church in 2007! Vårviks church was built in 1845 of stone with slate roofs. It is Dalslands northernmost and is beautifully situated on an island in Västra Silen.

Vårviks church

This church is made of stone with a slate roof. It is the most northerly church in Dalsland and lies beautifully on an island in the lake Västra Silen. The church owns the island and has done so since 1797. A wooden church from 1662 is the precursor. There is evidence of an even older church. This can be found at the State Museum of History and is a stave church plank from Vårvik, dating back to 1200. It is a pine wood plank with finely cut ornaments. Top class works of art from Dalsland. The altar is sturdily built and probably made with bricks on the bedrock. The date of the altarpiece is unknown, but it is very old and in extremely good condition. On the wall above the baptismal basin hangs a triptych made of nature stone made by Olga Aue-Birkfeldt. A candleholder stands under the triptychon made by Walter Moström from Bengtsfors. The inventory includes a baptismal basin, made of soapstone, with a drainage hole and a procession crucifix from Limoges, France (early 1200). In the church porch there is an old door from the 1600?s church. The congregation has Karl XII:s bible from 1703. A large- scale restoration took place in1976.


, Gustavsfors