Pleasure Crafts

The Dalsland Canal has been serving maritime shipping for 150 years. We’ve channelled boats from all corners of the globe, including galleasses, steam vessels, freighters, timber tugboats, passenger vessels, motor boats and yachts, as well as plenty of canoes. Without exaggeration, we can lay claim to being a classic site for boating enthusiasts.

Navigating our canal is a truly exceptional adventure and outdoor experience, where you’ll sail in pure drinking water – literally! The surrounding landscape is enchanted, and you’ll get really close to wildlife. There are also berries and mushrooms growing in close proximity. Many people have tried to rate the Dalsland Canal over the years. Some say it’s the most beautiful canal in Sweden, while others think it’s among the finest in Europe. Roger Pilkington – perhaps one of the foremost canal experts – even claimed it should be considered among the most beautiful in the world. Be that as it may, we can promise you a truly exceptional experience.