Traffic regulations

The traffic regulations governing the Dalsland Canal are approved by the Dalslands Kanal AB Board, adopted by the Swedish Maritime Association and provided by its canal director. The current traffic regulations were adopted on 24 May 1993. The canal director has issued special regulations to supplement the those currently in effect. These regulations apply to passenger boat services and are issued to operators which provide services in the lake system.

Traffic regulations for the Dalsland Canal(PDF)

Special regulations A (PDF)
Special regulations B (PDF)

General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions comprise small print documents which, in addition to the canal’s Traffic regulations, regulate the other general conditions for operating services on the Dalsland Canal. The document regulates issues relating to liability. Certain service and safety issues are also described here. In particular, from the 2013 sailing season (inclusive), note that all pleasure crafts must be covered by boat liability insurance.

General terms and conditions for travelling by pleasure craft on the Dalsland Canal (PDF)