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The Dalsland Canal is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Maybe this is because it’s more akin to a lake system, which is linked by locks and small channels, rather than a blasted canal.

Facts about the canal

The Dalsland Canal lake system stretches from Köpmannebro, on Lake Vänern, to its northernmost point at Östervallskog. To the west, we cross the Norwegian border into the old transshipment station, Ottied.

Following the Trollhätte Canal, you can easily navigate to the southernmost tip of Lake Vänern before continuing towards Köpmannebro and the Dalsland Canal lake system.

And if you want to go around, you can continue to Nössemark, on Lake Stora Le, from where you can transport your boat by trailer over to Halden and Västerhavet. Many choose to take this classic route, which we call the “Tour of Western Sweden”.

General maps

Max length of vessel: 22.75 m
Max width: 4.05 m
Max depth: 1.8 m

Air draft up to and including Lennartsfors: 17 m

Top speed on canal:
– in channels: 5 knots – (see nautical chart)
– in lakes: unrestricted

Built: 1864–1868
Number of locks: 31
Length: 253 km
Highest point above sea level (Stora Le): 102 m

Small craft chart:

Small craft chart for the Dalsland Canal (issued in May 2006 by the Swedish Maritime Association). Covers the entire Dalsland Canal lake system from Köpmannebro, on Vänern, to Östervallskog. The small craft chart includes descriptions of the canal and guest harbours, with aerial photographs of harbours and certain channel sections.

For trips between Gothenburg and Köpmannebro, the following nautical charts are required: 133, 135

For the Tour of Sweden (depending on the route), a selection of the following charts are required:
The Port of Gothenburg 9312 and 9313
The Trollhätte Canal 1352, 1353
The Dalsland Canal Small Craft Chart
Vänern (including Säffle) 131–134, 1331

The Halden Canal:
Boating and leisure card for the Halden waterway

Small craft chart, West Coast north and south.

921-925, 931

The Dalsland Canal Small Craft Chart can be ordered at this website. You can also buy it at the lock stations located at Köpmannebro, Upperud Lennartsfors and Töcksfors. The lock station at Köpmannebro also sells the small craft chart for Lake Vänern, and nautical charts 135 and 1351.

Order the Dalsland Canal Small Craft Chart

Refuelling on the Dalsland Canal
For more information on where you can refuel.

Trailer ramps along the Dalsland Canal
Locate trailer ramps along the Dalsland Canal

Lock stations and locks on the Dalsland Canal lake system
Number of lock chambers:

Köpmannebro: 1*
Upperud: 2
Håverud: 4
Buterud: 1
Mustadfors: 1
Långed: 4
Långbron: 1
Billingsfors: 2
18th 1
19th–20th 2
Bengtsfors: 2
Gustavsfors: 1
Krokfors: 2*
Lennartsfors: 3*
Töcksfors: 2*
Snäcke 1
Strömmen: 1

* Card payment accepted here (not American Express). Cash payment applies at other stations.

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